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  • Vietnam’s leading English-language economic magazine.
  • Researched and written by qualified journalists and renowned editors in the economic field.
  • Cooperation with well-known experts including PhD’s and economists.
  • Information and analysis on policies, investment environment, investment laws, etc., and industrial development.
  • Accurate and updated economic statistics

Publishing information:

  • Language: English
  • Form: monthly magazine
  • Publishing day: 5th of each month
  • Distribution: 20,500 copies per issue
  • Readership: 150,000 people

  • Le Quang Nhat (Release Manager - Vietnam Economic Times)

    Tel: 04 37552060 Fax: 04 37552046

    Email: hanoi@tbkt.vn Mobil: 090342 6884



    Hoang Thi Oanh (in charge of issuing City area. Ho Chi Minh - Vietnam Economic Times)

    Tel: 08 38117407 Fax: 08 38117413

    Email: hcm@tbkt.vn Mobil: 090801 4437


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    10% VAT will be  added on a contract value


    Circulation:                                         20,500  nation-wide

    Booking deadline:                               15 days before publishing

    Publishing date:                                  5 of the month


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